Whole Rabbit

© Matthew Word Bain

liberated from the subterranean realms
and looking quite at home in the summer sky
if only for a moment, as visions like this never last
I find myself marveling at this creature
I’m more accustomed to finding
upon taking my bearings
after falling down a deep hole
and whose tracks tend to lead me
to tea parties with mercurial haberdashers
and two dimensional representations of royalty
with their frightening whims and unimaginable views
and yet, here I am craning my neck at the heavens
and watching this out of place shapeshifter
soon to be transmogrified by time
and the drift of the wind
this momentary representation
of a form I know from a grounded setting
and so it seems that cloud gazing
and going down rabbit holes
have more in common than I knew
as the old maxim states:
as above, so below