Paradigmatic Portals

© Matthew Word Bain

with the proper portal
for light through a lens
I find I can see in the dark

overexposure in the daylight
becomes vision in the darkness

how remarkable to consider
the laws of nature accommodate
this sort of revelation by exploration
such that the result seems at first magical
and yet is only the result of new developments
in the way we have come to see how things work
and learned to work with them in order to achieve
our own particular ends

we might achieve new outcomes
but we have not yet changed the laws
that, I’m afraid, would require consensus
and consensus seems more and more elusive
as the numbers continue to rise

is it, though? is there a critical mass
a threshold beyond which things change
the sort of complexity in connections
materialists point to when they say
consciousness is a byproduct

would consensus allow us
to change the game physics?
or even just to let go of the binary
of all our traditional logical systems
and embrace something which by design
favors potentials unavailable to the Aristotelian?