Bedrock Contemplation

© Matthew Word Bain

This view is from the same vantage as “Stillness and Flow,” to the right about 90º. The aforementioned rock garden starts right about where the edge is dark on the right edge of the frame.

Spending time with these images after traipsing about this spot has increasingly made me want to locate a geologic map of this confluence. The rock garden and it’s sudden and relatively precipitous drop to the level of the James suggests a boundary between two substrata or a vein of a different kind running perpendicular to the flow of the Maury (seen here) at this juncture. Given that this is also located right at the northern bank of the James, it would make sense that there is some harder geology here, a boundary which has contained the James from moving further north at this location.

The movement of water through a landscape has always fascinated me, and continues to instruct me as well. There are so many dynamic aspects to the flow of water which I have either found in other contexts across life experience or which have served as useful metaphors in coming to understand why things happen the way they do.

What have you learned from water? Where have you seen dynamics present in the flow of water elsewhere in your experience?