MOR Is Less

© Matthew Word Bain

the end of an era
of cheap convenience
that turns out to be expensive
and also inconvenient
like a lot of things have been…

surely we can find more
authentic measures of quality
than money and convenience
measures more relevant
in our immediate experience
as well as in the long run

what impact does commerce
have on the culture and well being
of the people in my community?

what does the short term gain
of venture capital investors
have on the health of the planet?

to whom is something convenient?
to whom is any transaction beneficial?
who benefits from the sale of junk food?

I look forward to the Food Festival
and have high hopes for a new level
of expense and inconvenience
that turns out to be inexpensive
and convenient, possibly even
Slow, food – the kind you have to
sit down to enjoy with others