Such Stuff as Dreams

© Matthew Word Bain

an image from a dream
perhaps, or so it seems to me
and I was there – wandering, in a daze
wondering at the ways the scene would change
as I found myself walking around an unknown town
in one moment, underground, crouched down by flowing water
the next, on the street in a light that seemed itself to glow from within
a gilded grey infused with the soul of pastels, the light of the golden hour
on a day when the sun has dropped below a bank of clouds in the late afternoon
leaving the whole town awash in the most subtle splendor, a deep luminosity
that seemed to pervade all and glorify everything and everyone
and me just floating through it, a newcomer, just a visitor
happy to be in such a strange and beautiful land
content to let the place contain my curiosity
as I wandered and wondered and wended my way
careful not to come awake – at least not just yet…
if I lie still here a little while longer
I might find my way back
into the dream…