Donald and Lydia

© Matthew Word Bain

xanthophylls in evidence as chlorophyll fades out
but the anthocyanins and carotenoids have not yet appeared
at the time this photograph was foraged, the nights were still too warm
these toothy leaves belong to Castanea dentata, or American chestnut
as common as American chestnut trees still are in many parts
chestnut blight tends to set in before they set fruit
on this day, however, was found a chestnut mature enough
to have born fruit, the prickly, empty husks of which were found
scattered around the base of the not overly large specimen
even a fruiting tree like the one found is not likely to be pollinated
as there is often no telling how far away the next closest fruiting tree might be
the next closest one of which I know is about eight miles south and west
John Prine’s Donald and Lydia reborn as American chestnuts