Home for the Holidays

© Matthew Word Bain

unlike desperadoes
and yet waiting for a train
I found these two moments after
their train arrived – I had come running
having heard the whistle from a block away
it is rare that I speak to people when I’m foraging
today I spoke to three, and seriously considered others

I didn’t have a chance to converse with this couple
and didn’t get the sense they would want to
but they were kind enough to acquiesce
when I asked if I could photograph them
I would have asked where they were headed
and whether or not they enjoyed riding on trains

this town – and its rail yard – keep drawing me back
and I keep finding myself dreaming of next steps
and imagining them moving in that direction
whether that involves a new place to live
or a departure point for a rail journey
or a class at the local art school
I don’t know – but I do know
I am glad to be dreaming
knowing I am awake