How Did You Get to Be So Beautiful?

© Matthew Word Bain

an ancient sign
a symbol and symptom
of a time long since gone by
days of enterprise and success
obscured by the purely pragmatic
hvac appliances and power distribution
successfully covered by enterprising vines

no one made this scene on purpose
and yet, by the way they were
just being in the world

vines climbing
workers working
time just passing by

there is a certain purity
just waiting to be noticed
by some lucky fool foraging
for photos out back in the alley

well – would you just look at this?
who’d a thunk I’d stumble onto this?

this scene changes every day, no doubt
I’d wager the trash is a recent addition
and those leaves are not long brown
on this day, in this light, I’m glad
I found it just the way it is here
and I wonder how it looks
in the middle of summer…
I may have to go back
just to have a look
through a lens