Month: February 2022


© Matthew Word Bain

paint the color of moonlight
and a flap that must be
persuaded to open

I make my deposit
asking for dreams, again
the same request with the same
mixture of hope and apprehension
wanting to believe I am asking for dreams
knowing it is not that simple – that I am asking
to wake up
at last

for the light
through these
dirty windows
to be the gift
of a real sun

for the chance to sleep
in order to dream
and to dream
to awaken

after all these years
how will I know
the dream


© Matthew Word Bain

like a UFO for squares
this shelter hovers
over a slowly shifting
array of ailing automobiles
still catching light in this season
if providing little in the way of shade

Complex Geometry

© Matthew Word Bain

Euclidean planes crop up in the valley
surrounded by surfaces fully fractal in nature
which do you suppose will last longer?
which requires more maintenance?
is most supportive of life?

one is complex, the other merely complicated
one embraces a burgeoning diversity
the other exists to maintain
a lonely monoculture
kept safe inside four walls
under the roof it requires to survive

in this wager on longevity
how are you placing your bet?
what are you seeking to sustain?

Overnight Sensation

© Matthew Word Bain

corrugated roofing, siding
still shiny after all these years
this place is in pretty good shape
after having been closed for so long
helps being in the heart of town
with watchful neighbors
behind the scenes
off site, even
plans have been made
invisible from this vantage
until now, as a new fence reveals
something has been growing all along
and sooner than expected this place will be
changed. like it happened overnight.
and will have happened
In the dark
but over
many nights
only becoming
obvious of a sudden

Beyond the Pale

© Matthew Word Bain

sometime soon
something is coming
why else the bright fence
and the capsized blue bucket
clearly more of an indication
than a need to secure
what soon will be
more than just
a place to park

On the Way Home

© Matthew Word Bain

sunlight languishing
on brown grass in winter
touching the tips of the trees
and warming cold stone
for a short while
I was a passenger
on this ride, and so
I could let my gaze go
on a road I have driven
so many times I can’t count
and long in my own languor
for the warmth such stones
can never hope to convey

Causality and Context

© Matthew Word Bain

squinting in the glare of the late afternoon
still keeping its secrets, for now
this building is changing
something new is on its way
so much is brewing in this town
new people, new ideas, new projects
buildings that have spent years boarded up
are churning with change on the inside
and slowly beginning to show signs
that their identities are changing
they are becoming different
they have new purpose
new meaning and the change
on the outside is driven by the change
on the inside, immanence emerging
to reveal itself to the new world
that has also been becoming
to create the context
for these old structures
breathing the air of new life