Entrance to Entrainment

© Matthew Word Bain

where the track of the trance inducing rhythm
of the clickety-clack
and the trail of the trance inducing hum
of rubber on asphalt
there is a crossing over
this is a place of high energy
a place of great potential
and thus a place of great danger
as are all places where crossing over
becomes possible
but the greater danger
is in the effects of the trances
induced by either one
like any tool
if one is unable to achieve
the ends the tool makes possible
without using the tool
then the tool
has more power over
the one who uses it than that one
has over the tool
consider the value of a phone
to someone with poor communication skills
or the value of a chainsaw
to someone unable to fell a tree
with an axe
often the effects are only visible
further downstream
but they are no less real
for being delayed
in this case
we must consider
the effect of trance induction
by these various tools
on those who lack the ability
to find their own way into trance
or the knowledge of why they might
be possessed of a need to do so