Liminal Perception

© Matthew Word Bain

droplets condensing
emerging from a liquid plane
a vertical plane, a pane of liquid
already straining credulity
and yet there is truth
in the image
even in the words
what on earth do I mean?
I am showing you what I see
I am mixing metaphors
with actual facts
I am seeking to facilitate
a shift in perception

this is poetry, after all
I am following a thread
it is a golden thread

from the actual liquid
of a pane of glass
arises the appearance
of condensation
albeit on a scale that is
altogether inappropriate
and yet there it is – seeing
is believing, right?

I see droplets emerging
from a vertical pane of liquid
I see inherent ambiguity
and I magnify it
shine a light
on it

what is the point
in this kind of play?
what value ambiguity?
I restore the necessary blur
to allow for the clearest Vision
I apply stochastic resonance
increasing the noise
in order to hear
the signal